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I'm the founder of Modern Business Academy and I'm so excited at the opportunity to help you build your business. 

I've been an Entrepreneur for over 20 years, starting my first successful business at age 7 and hitting my first million dollars at age 16. I've built countless 7/7+ figure businesses of my own and have helped 100's scale past 7 (many multiple 7) businesses.  

After the success I've achieved (so far), while having a life of balance, harmony and abundance, I'm excited to bring together all the things I believe Entrepreneurs need for massive evolution and growth in both their business & life.

What is Modern Business Academy?

MBA is the best place to get access to everything I’ve created, all my best-selling frameworks, strategies, tactics and tools that over 100k+ Entrepreneurs have used to generate 100s of millions.

If you’re an online Entrepreneur who sells information or transformation through books, infoproducts, and programs and you’ve ever had questions on…

It’s stuff I’ve spent decades refining, paying through blood, sweat and millions of dollars to learn… and now you’ll get it all at the push of a button (and far less than what I paid).

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MBA contains all my innovative sales & marketing, finance, mindset, personal growth and scaling strategies along with an intimate community and mentorship.

Join A Community Of High-Performing 6-7+ Figure Entrepreneurs Scaling Their Personal And Business To The Next Level

Exclusive Invitation For Online Entrepreneurs...

This will answer any question you have about scaling and give you the step-by-step roadmap to creating a wildly successful, profitable business you love.

Get Every Strategy, Framework, Method & Tool I’ve Ever Developed To Scale 100s Of Businesses Past 7-Figures

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If you’re an online Entrepreneur and sell information or transformation…

How to ensure you build the offer that is guaranteed to sell…

What’s the best way to sell them… based on who you are and your individual style

How to build a loyal, engaged audience that allows you to do whatever you want now and in the future..

How to build high-performing teams… while ensuring it’s lean and easy to operate your business.

Should you go high ticket or low ticket…

How to scale to 6-figures, then to 7-figures and then past 8-figures… from proven frameworks…

How to use my 3 Lane Method, R.O.I Method and W.I.I Framework to make marketing and sales effortless…

How to use my step-by-step method to eliminate sale calls while making your life easier and more effective (and closing way more of your leads)

Break free from the high and low months, building an evergreen business that finally provides stability and certainty...

The mindset that is required to go to each level that you want without having to spend tons of time in therapy or worse, self-sabotaging yourself.

How to manage your finances as an Entrepreneur (hint: If your in the top 1% you don’t manage it like the 99%)

this will show you all of that and more… and when I say more… I mean it…

Short of paying me $100k-250k to work with me or $10k to join one of our Group Intensives, this will give you exactly what you need to massively grow your business.

Here’s What This Means For You And Your Business

It means whenever you have a problem in your business…

Or you’re not sure which direction to go down…

Or maybe you just need some guidance or questions answered…

You can hop into Modern Business Academy and search through our Content Library that includes hundreds of hours of content across Marketing, Sales, Delivery, Operations, Mindset, and much more…

All neatly and easily categorized into ‘paths’, allowing you to get what you need and in a few minutes find the answers to your questions.

You’ll never have to worry about what to do next.

Or be forced to “figure things out” yourself, wasting time, money and resources…

And the reason for that is because I’ve been through everything you’re going through and will go through…  

And that means I’ve solved it–and I can show you the way through it.

So you can learn the lessons without the pain.

If You Want My Innovative Scaling Frameworks, Strategies And Methods That Have Helped 100s Of Entrepreneurs Scale Past 7-Figures…

And are truly “proven” for online businesses…

…and you don’t want to pay 100s of thousands in “tuition” to learn, this is for you.

I believe just one short video, at the right time, could give you the answer you need to shortcut your journey by an entire month.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Inside Modern Business Academy

All of my courses, programs and group program content (Value: $40K+ yes… I actually sold it at that cost)

All Past Trainings and Workshops (Value: $2,000+)

All Future Workshops (Value: Who knows!)

Actionable Content “Paths” (Value: 100’s hours of your time)

Q&A Calls Every Month (Value: $2,000+)

Guest Interviews From Those I Mentor (Value: $2,000+)

Private Facebook Community (Value: Connection :) )

Exclusive Behind The Scenes Of What I’m Doing (Value: Priceless)

Total Value: At LEAST $40,000+

Check out the Results of Entrepreneurs I've Helped Scale Their Business

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We accept Entrepreneurs into Modern Business Academy by Application only.

We do this to help ensure a curate community of the right-fit people while also ensuring that what is inside will help you for where you are in your business.

Submit a quick application form and we will let you know if your a good fit. If so, we'll give you the link to join.

No call and no hassle.

It'll take less than 10 minutes.

Want to join?

And If You Don’t Love MBA, You’re Covered By Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re still under 30 days you can get a full refund.

Otherwise, you can cancel anytime during your subscription, no hard feelings.

However once you get in, I believe you’ll love it and never want to leave because the value inside is just extraordinary, there’s really nothing like it.

So, if you’re ready to scale…

And you want to be in the best position, with all the guidance and support from me and my elite team to do that…

…then you need to be inside Modern Business Academy.

I’ll see you on the inside.

- Scott

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