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I’ve created the strategy for 1000’s of Online Businesses to Scale…

And to help Entrepreneurs who don’t know the next best step, I’ve built Modern Business Academy (MBA) to combine everything you need to scale your coaching, consulting, mentorship, education, courses & transformation based business to the next level.

Who is Modern Business Academy For?

We’ve built Modern Business Academy (MBA) for…

Online Entrepreneurs who are generally coaches, consultants, course creators, experts, authors, healers, service providers and those who help others transform in the health, wealth, relationships or self.

You feel overwhelmed...

You feel overwhelmed inside of your business and life and don’t have clarity, focus and understand of what to do next (or in the next 12 months)

You feel like you need holistic help...

You feel like you need holistic help across all areas and pillars of your life and business not just the next “hack” or “tactic” to pay the bills.

You want to be part of a Community of Entrepreneurs...

You want to be part of a Community of Entrepreneurs who see Entrepreneurship as a way of life and that don’t believe that business has to be built from the wounded ego, creating burnout and a lack of excitement in your life.

You want a business that is successful, scalable, profitable...

You want to be able to have a business that is successful, scalable, profitable, that creates results for your clients, along with it creating results (and profit) for you in your life.

You want your business to feel good while actually working...

You want your business and every part of your business to feel good, while actually working. You don’t believe that marketing has to be bad, nor do you believe that you have to be salesy to get the next client.


I’m Scott, the founder of MBA and recorded a video to share the core reason I built this for you…”

-Scott Oldford

Mentor for Online Entrepreneurs

I’ve found the following in the 100’s of Entrepreneurs that I’ve helped scale past 7+ figures

The truth is… what I’m about to share with you and what I’ve built is EXACTLY what every Entrepreneur I’ve ever helped has needed.

Strategy and Framework

Coaching and Mentorship

The Right Information

Mindset and Personal Dev.

Community and Connection


Strategy and Frameworks

I’ve helped build 1000’s of strategies that have helped Entrepreneurs scale past 6, 7 & even 8-figures.

Which is why when you join Modern Business Academy, we will create a personalized strategy based on where you are and exactly what you should do over the next 6-12 months, that’s reviewed by Scott himself.

The right information, coaching & mentorship will bring you far in the growth of your business, however, what we’ve found is even more powerful?

Strategy & Frameworks that have been proven to work.

Having a framework, no matter if it’s for your finances… hiring team… building your funnel… and then pairing it with a strategy that works for you.

It’s a complete game changer and condenses the amount of time needed for growth, while increasing the momentum in your life & business.

This is why we combine a personalized strategy with frameworks and strategies that have been proven and are used by thousands of other successful Online Entrepreneurs


Mentorship and Coaching

If you’re looking for the ultimate “growth hack” mentorship and coaching is what you’re looking for…

Modern Business Academy includes group coaching and mentorship from both Scott along with over 40 other experts that together allow for 40+ sessions per month to get coached and mentored in scaling, marketing, operations, sales, delivery, mindset and finances.

These experts are Entrepreneurs themselves that have personally worked with Scott or that MBA is an investor in, ensuring that you always get the best coaching and mentorship for the growth of you & your business.

+ Expert Sessions

As part of the Modern Business Academy program you get an all-access pass to being able to evolve, grow and align yourself with some of the best help for Online Entrepreneurs.

6 Pillar Mentoring with Scott Oldford (2+ / Month)

Scott is paid multiple six-figures from many Entrepreneurs for his mentorship and in these sessions you’ll get to ask your questions for everything and anything in relation to building and scaling your business along with evolving as a human being.

reWired Sessions (2+ / Month)

In these weekly sessions, you’ll be guided in a group session in one of the most impactful forms of mindset evolution oriented around rewiring your subconscious patterns specialized for Entrepreneurs and the major mindset issues that we have on a day-to-day basis.

FB, IG & YT Paid Ads (2+ / Month)

Running ads? Have questions? Need a review of your ad sets? 

We’ve got that. 

Operations and Team (2 / Month)

As you scale, being able to hire a team and build operational elements of your business is critical or the entire thing will go up in flames.

In these sessions, you can ask all your team and operational questions.

Meditation & Breathwork (6+ / Month)

Success doesn’t come down to just being able to do, do, do. It also comes down to being able to be a human be-ing. In these sessions, we combine neuroscience, meditation, and breathwork that is oriented and designed for Entrepreneurs.

Skip the Pitch (2+ / Month)

In these sale training sessions, you’re able to ask questions on your sales process, get live coaching on your DM’s, calls and everything in-between allowing you to increase the conversion rate of every sale conversation. 

Work Sessions (1+ / Month)

Sometimes, we just need to get into some of the deep work to bring things further. In these sessions, Entrepreneurs join from across the world allowing for an environment of being able to let the creativity and flow combine for productivity. 

On Camera (1 / Month)

A massive element of running an Online Business? 

Being on camera. 

In these sessions, you’ll learn what makes sense and what doesn’t along with how to be even more magnetizing on camera no matter if it’s a YouTube video, a Webinar or just a Group Call.

Instagram Growth (1 / Month)

If you’re growing Instagram, you need to be on these sessions. Straight from one of the top behind-the-scenes Instagram growth experts, he’ll share what works, what doesn’t along with answering questions of how to grow your own Instagram audience.

Search Engine Optimization (1 / Month)

We know that ensuring you use SEO is important. 

In these sessions you’re able to ask your questions, have live audits and ensure that your SEO is working for you.

Personal Performance

If you are a high-performing entrepreneur it is essential that you are caring for your physical health. In these sessions our Personal Performance experts help you to optimize your health and wellness. 

Finances and Accounting (2+ / Month)

Counting the money you make isn’t as fun as making it. 

Yet, if you don’t. It can create serious problems in your business. 

In these sessions you’re able to ask questions in relation to your finances and accounting ensuring that you understand how to manage your money. 

Funnel Reviews (3+ / Month)

We know that when you’re building your funnels and your marketing having someone take a look to ensure it “makes sense” before you put it into the wild is important. 

In these funnel reviews, we review your funnel, no matter if you’re looking to optimize, or if you’re just launching it for the first time.

Orientation (2+ / Month)

For those who are new to the MBA world, we offer regular orientation calls, helping you understand how to use the powerful community, content and every aspect of Modern Business Academy.

Accountability & Momentum (3+ / Month)

Ensuring you’re able to keep and gain momentum as Entrepreneurs is extremely important. In these sessions you’re able to stay accountable, connect with other Entrepreneurs and then get back and crush your week.

Legal for Online Businesses (1 / Month)

One of the most understated elements of business and potentially one of the most important. In these sessions you can bring your questions related to the legal nature of your business, a quick 5 minutes here can save you thousands of dollars (and a lot of headaches!). 

Entrepreneurial Relationships (2 / Month)

Romantic relationships as an Entrepreneur can be difficult. That’s why we have one of the world’s experts on relationships to come, teach, answer questions and ensure that you’re watering the garden of your romance and partner as much as your business. 

Business Energetics (1+ / Month)

As you build a more intuitive business the energetics of your business will become even more important. 

In these sessions, you’re able to get live audits of the energetic flow of your business along with asking questions on being able to create even more alignment in your business.

Branding and Design (1 / Month)

In these sessions we’ll answer your questions in relation to your graphic design, branding and how to bring forward these elements inside of your business so that you elevate the trust others have with you. 

Email Deliverability (1 / Month)

If you’re sending email as part of your marketing strategy, being able to ensure the email is delivered is critical. In these sessions get audits on your email deliverability and solve common problems and build new practices and routines to ensure that your email marketing is the most effective part of your business. 

Technical Implementation (2+ / Month)

Technology can be pesky. That’s why we have sessions where you can get live help, ask questions and understand how to get the tech all setup.

Implementation & Support

Information can be overwhelming. In the implementation and support session we ensure you have all that you need to take action on the information you are consuming. 

Getting Traction

If you haven’t gotten your business off the ground or are launching a new product/offer, these sessions are designed to help you gain traction and win business quickly. 

Expert Sessions (2+ / Month)

On a regular basis, we have expert sessions from a variety of Entrepreneurs and Experts. Majority of these people are personal friends and mentees of Scott Oldford with a high caliber of being vetted

Expert Workshops

To help with building our content library, we regularly add new training and workshops on a monthly basis to help you in every area of the business. 


The Right Information

There is a sea of content for Entrepreneurs… The core problem is that Entrepreneurs don’t have the right content for where they are at the moment.

It stems from one of the core problems of Entrepreneurs which is making the right choices, but at the right time. Content is the same.

Not only do we have content for every single part of scaling an online business, we also help you choose what to consume next, allowing you to ACTUALLY get what you need. This ensures you get the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time to ensure you don’t miss doing the right thing at the wrong time, plus saves you a LOT of time.

We have programs, workshops and courses, along with live content & challenges that span from marketing, sales, operations, finance, mindset, team, delivery and everything in-between. Not only do you get access to all of our founder (Scott Oldford’s) programs… you also get access to over 100 hours of training from those he’s mentored personally.

Here’s just a few of the programs you get INSTANT ACCESS to when you enroll in MBA…

Included Inside MBA
The High Ticket Launchpad
Last sold for $2,000

My exclusive program for How to Create, Validate, Market, and Sell A Premium Product or Services that previously sold for $2,000.

Included Inside MBA
The Relevancy Engine
Last sold for $10K

My mentorship program for high-impact 6-figure entrepreneurs who want to scale their business past $20K/month.

Included Inside MBA
The ROI Method Course
Valued at $997

My intensive marketing and sale program with over 40 hours of training specifically for those looking to scale using my method on marketing and sales.

Included Inside MBA
Skip The Pitch Workshop
Valued at $95

This course helps you to learn how to completely Skip the Pitch and never have to “sell” again. This 5-Day Workshop will help you transform the selling inside of your business

Included Inside MBA
My 5-Day Marketing Workshop
Valued $95

Includes everything I’ve discovered from scaling countless businesses so you know what works, what doesn’t, and how to build a strategy that feels aligned for your business.

Included Inside MBA
The Nuclear Effect Live Recordings
Valued at $95

Over 10 hours of live content) from my Live Event at my Home in Venice Beach in 2019 to help you understand my book The Nuclear Effect in even greater detail

Included Inside MBA
The Harmony Triangle Masterclass
Valued at $95

I go deep into how to build a business using The Harmony Triangle. A framework for ensuring that your business doesn’t burn you out and ensuring the business works on paper and for your reality.

Included Inside MBA
The 60-Day Finance Upgrade
Valued $95

My finance course for Online Entrepreneurs because most financial advice & the money mindsets of others aren’t optimized for you. That’s why I created this.

and Dozens More! 

Plus access to a dozen other programs and workshops for Entrepreneurs… with new programs and workshops being added monthly

All this content WITHOUT the overwhelm…

Inside of your MBA membership you get access to new MBA paths that are released each month to help you in specific areas of your business.

MBA Paths help you consume key pieces of content focused on specific areas of your business. 

These paths are designed to help you implement new strategies and tactics in your business in less than a day. Instead of teaching you something for 8 hours, it’s all about implementing and being able to have something new that you’ve implemented inside of your business.

Included Inside MBA

Relevancy Path

Free Preview

Relevancy is one of the topics that I’ve been talking about for years, because regardless of the size of your business, this concept is critical.


Personal Development

Most Entrepreneurs can’t hit the next “level” not because a strategy or tactic isn’t working, rather, because there is a mindset block or an area of development in oneself that is needed.

Is the funnel not working because of a strategy, or because your parents mindset about investing money no longer works for you? Is it the sales call the issue, or do you simply not trust yourself enough to make the sale?

Most external problems are actually internal and in the journey of Entrepreneurship, we get to go on the deepest personal development journey of our lives!

From mindset coaching, to meditations, breath-work, hypnotherapy and everything in-between, we’ve built this as one of the core elements of Modern Business Academy… allowing you to evolve as a human, so that you can ensure your businesses evolves, as well.


Community and Connection

Being lonely as an Entrepreneur is unfortunately normal. We believe that this can be completely changed, allowing you to feel connected in your journey.

Modern Business Academy creates a place of community, allowing for you to connect with other Entrepreneurs like you, while also being able to be inspired and motivated by those a step, or two ahead of you.

On a weekly basis we host a variety of virtual events centered around connection and being able to meet others in your own local communities, while building friendships and masterminding with other likeminded Entrepreneurs. 

We believe that you don’t need to pay $50,000 to be in a community of likeminded, motivated and inspiring Entrepreneurs that feel like family :).

We have 2 core places where we communicate and build community:

We Communicate Via Our Exclusive Member-Only Telegram Channel

Telegram has proved to be the best way for instant communication between Scott and Members 

We Communicate Via Weekly Community Sessions

Sometimes the best way to connect is LIVE in our weekly Community Sessions. 

See What Entrepreneurs Just Like You Are Saying About Modern Business Academy

“MBA saves year and years of trial and error and problems.”

Scott is an amazing, talented human being! Scott is both spiritual and an extremely experienced high-level entrepreneur  

-Emma Goldie

“Scott is a wealth of knowledge.

Scott is unique in the way he combines the high level strategy with the nitty gritty details. Scott helps you build a business that is aligned with your personality that allows you to scale without burning out. 


“I love being apart of this community!”

You get so much content for the price. I’ve learned how to get results without just hustling all the time. He has given us so much hands on information and tactics.  

-Marta Anna

“We are hitting revenue targets that I never thought we would! “

MBA has been hugely impactful. We are hitting revenue targets that I never thought we would! If you are on the fence… Just do it!


“The ongoing support and accountability keep me moving forward!”

Unlike other courses, in the MBA I didn’t have to figure out everything myself once I got the course. At my own pace, I can learn and implement Scott’s frameworks. 


“Scott is a master of strategy!”

I am super grateful for MBA.  MBA feels like home! Whenever you need something they are there for you. The whole MBA team is there for you. 

-MBA Member 

“MBA has been a complete game-changer!

I am proud to call Scott a mentor and friend. I can’t say where I would be without MBA. Getting direct insight and getting feedback on an ongoing basis with the calls was a complete game-changer.


“Its not just courses. Scott has fostered a powerful community!

Scott has given me insights that I couldn’t get from anywhere else. Scott is helping me operate out of abundance and intuition. 

-Kenny Hoang

“The amount of content for the price is insane

Its incredible value and gave me a clear path to getting my first client! If you are on the fence I’d say go for it! It has been one of the best investments I have ever made. 


“I feel like I have the support I need to continue to have success.”

Scott presents information in a way that is so clear. Whenever I have a question inside of my business I feel that I know exactly where to go whether it is a live call or recorded content. 


“I have been given a clear path… It is absolutely incredible!

It has been like nothing I could have imagined! Im just starting out and the support and direction I have been given has really helped me to understand my relevancy and positioning and where to put my effort. The calls have all been absolutely amazing! 

-MBA Member 

The experts that he has brought in has made a big difference for me.”

What I love about MBA is that the content and strategy has been so helpful for me. The results have started to come in! 

-MBA Member

“Its almost unbelievable what you are getting…”

The thing I love about MBA is that you get live interactive experience with coaches from various different fields from ads to mindset. The way it is structured is so good! 

-Zac Henson

“This has been one of the best investments I have made in myself in a long time.”

I have felt stuck and needed a kick to help me get through things. Scott has helped me build a business around my core beliefs and values and build a business in a way that feels natural and organic. 


Want a look INSIDE? Here’s an entire video!

There is so much value packed inside of MBA… The best way to show you everything that you get is to simply give you a sneak peek!

Everything You Get Inside of the Modern Business Academy

This is an opportunity you can’t miss

This is for Entrepreneurs ready to scale to the next level.

We know that building the foundations of a business, a community and a movement of Entrepreneurs who believe in helping the world while being in balance, harmony and alignment is important.

And we’re dedicated to building it with you.

Apply now to see if we could help you

I only say yes to people who I know I could help them build and scale their business.

Want a more personalized experience with more intimacy and guidance or need help deciding if this is for you. Take our personalized intake form and we’ll reach out to help you understand what makes sense for you and your business. Simply click here


I’m the founder of Modern Business Academy and I’m so excited at the opportunity to help you build your business.

I’ve been an Entrepreneur for over 20 years, starting my first successful business at age 7 and hitting my first million dollars at age 16. I’ve built countless 7/7+ figure businesses of my own and have helped 100’s scale past 7 (many multiple 7) businesses.

After the success I’ve achieved (so far), while having a life of balance, harmony, and abundance, I’m excited to bring together all the things I believe Entrepreneurs need for massive evolution and growth in both their business & life.

Scale With Clarity, Focus, and Support.

We’ve built Modern Business Academy (MBA) to combine everything you need to scale your coaching, consulting, mentorship, education, courses & transformation based business to the next level and provide clarity, focus and support to scale a business that is in alignment to your true self without feeling overwhelmed..

Even More Praise For Modern Business Academy

From Entrepreneurs Just Like You…

“Just one of the many courses inside is worth the money!”

How much does it worth your peace of mind?

I was tired of having this idea in my mind for years, trying to learn MKT from everywhere. I did many online courses and two big ones but never truly made it.

I had a long to-do list that frustrated me. I felt like a failure, constantly procrastinating.

Then MBA + felt like a high investment at first, but only one of the courses inside was worth the money, without even talking about what, for me, it was the most important piece: the personal assessment.

What did I win? PEACE OF MIND!!! I know step 1, step 2, and step 3. All my efforts are focused on Step 1. Thanks, Scott for making the MBA and your team!!!! I love Gianna too!

-Cecilia Tula

“Just one of the many courses inside is worth the money!”

How much does it worth your peace of mind?

I was tired of having this idea in my mind for years, trying to learn MKT from everywhere. I did many online courses and two big ones but never truly made it.

I had a long to-do list that frustrated me. I felt like a failure, constantly procrastinating.

Then MBA + felt like a high investment at first, but only one of the courses inside was worth the money, without even talking about what, for me, it was the most important piece: the personal assessment.

What did I win? PEACE OF MIND!!! I know step 1, step 2, and step 3. All my efforts are focused on Step 1. Thanks, Scott for making the MBA and your team!!!! I love Gianna too!

-Cecilia Tula

“Just being in the energy of MBA and in Scotts world. Really plugged in… changed everything”

I’ve been in Scotts world for a few years now…

For me Being in MBA is like having an amazing battery and electricity plug in lol..

When we I’m feeling off or things are just not flowing… I get back in… to the energy.. the calls… the courses… and things always shift

Last year I got pregnant and had my first baby. And it was a rollercoaster ride specially With my business and finances. Had no idea what was my next step.

This year I really connected to MBA and the energy (having Scott in my ear almost everyday lol 😆usually around 2am-4am lol)

And it’s been magical….
Here is a bit of what’s happened since truly plugging in:

👉 I’ve manifested the most amazing aligned private clients
👉 Launched a new program in 2 days and sold it in 30 hours ! Lol (when this process used to take months! Lol)
👉 brought in $65K cash already for the year and it’s only February 26…. 😱 (it used to take 5-8 months to bring in this amount of cash)
👉Been able to really spend quality time with my baby and hubby… working around 10-15 hours a week
👉 I’m feeling Good, aligned and in Harmony 🙏☮️❤️
(Compared to last year where there was a lot of anxiety)

Just being in the energy of MBA and in Scotts world. Really plugged in… changed everything…

Even as a new mom when I didn’t think it was possible to do all of this…. It’s happening…. ❤️😭🙌

Very grateful for MBA and Scott and excited to see what continued to unfold….


“MBA has completely changed how I see my business!

Hi, I’m Daniela and the things that I can say about my MBA experience since March 2021 it just had been amazing.

I change completely the way that I see my business in the sense that I feel it as a way to grow myself and being in alignment with who I really I am. It is possible feel the beautiful heart and energy of Scott sharing his life experience and in business that completely makes you that everything is possible when we have a challenges AND growth a business since a place of abundance, nature, freedom and LIFE. In MBA I find ALL the things that I need to build and growth my business in a healthy way, like finances, marketing, energy, mindset, strategies AND the support from the coaching calls. I’m totally recommend invest in this experience, is incredible worth it!”

-Daniela Arroyo

I am incredibly grateful to have found Scott”

I mentor successful people in times of transition to find balance, clarity and joy.

As I am in the process of developing the next version of my business model, I am in a bit of a transition myself. I am incredibly grateful to have found Scott, his team, and the MBA family.

The classes like meditation and hypnotherapy help me stay balanced, and the precisely crafted materials for each step of the process help me find clarity. And being with Scott is pure joy for me. He is so grounded and competent with all his expertise, while also being such a kind-hearted soul.

To find a team and a community that covers these aspects of balance, clarity and joy is such a gift to me. This is rare, and if someone is looking for a holistic approach to grow both professionally and as a person, I can only recommend becoming a member of MBA.

-Esther Heese

“MBA has by far has given me the best ROI for my biz and for myself”

Hate marketing?!

I no longer do, which is a shocking to me! I’m physician doing things my way and the thought of marketing left me with a knot in my stomach. But with MBA/MBA+, Scott offers no-hype clear path to marketing that is in synch with me and how I think.

It will not only will get you clients, but the right clients – the ones you will love to work with. The program is full of information, support, and a community where you will feel accepted from day one.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on personal and business development, and MBA/MBA+ is by far has given me the best ROI for my biz and for myself.


Let’s Get Started!

We’ve built Modern Business Academy (MBA) to combine everything you need to scale your coaching, consulting, mentorship, education, courses & transformation based business to the next level and provide clarity, focus and support to scale a business that is in alignment to your true self without feeling overwhelmed..