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Training & Mentorship For Every Aspect Of Online Entrepreneurship

Led by one of the most successful mentors and advisors for Online Entrepreneurs of all time, Scott Oldford

For Entrepreneurs ready to scale their coaching, consulting, mentorship, education, course & transformation based businesses to the next level… All the paid content I’ve ever created, and will ever create, for as long as you’re a member.

Who is Modern Business Academy For?

We’ve built Modern Business Academy (MBA) for…

Online Entrepreneurs who are generally coaches, consultants, course creators, experts, authors, healers, service providers and those who help others transform in the health, wealth, relationships or self.

This is a perfect fit if:

You feel overwhelmed...

You feel overwhelmed inside of your business and life and don’t have clarity, focus and understand of what to do next (or in the next 12 months)

You feel like you need holistic help...

You feel like you need holistic help across all areas and pillars of your life and business not just the next “hack” or “tactic” to pay the bills.

You know Entrepreneurship doesn’t need to be a lonely journey...

You understand the value of mentorship and the ability to ask questions to someone who’s already accomplished what you want to achieve.

You want a business that is successful, scalable, profitable...

You want to be able to have a business that is successful, scalable, profitable, that creates results for your clients, along with it creating results (and profit) for you in your life.

You want your business to feel good while actually working...

You want your business and every part of your business to feel good, while actually working. You don’t believe that marketing has to be bad, nor do you believe that you have to be salesy to get the next client.


I’m Scott, the founder of MBA and recorded a video to share the core reason I built this for you…”

-Scott Oldford

Mentor for Online Entrepreneurs

Access To The Answers You Need,
No Matter Where You’re At…

I’ve mentored 1000’s of Online Entrepreneurs, and one of the biggest problems — and what was needed more than anything — was one place where I could get all the answers I needed in marketing, sales, finance, operations, team, and every other aspect of Entrepreneurship.

In Modern Business Academy, you’ll find all my premium content for online Entrepreneurs, where I reveal what I’ve learned from building multiple 7+ figure businesses (so you can do the same).

My paid workshops alone cost more than $1,400 when purchased separately, and my Behind the Scenes sessions are collectively worth over $2,600…

My courses that are included, throughout time were sold (collectively) for more than $12,000.

And… I’m continually adding new workshops and mini-courses to help on every element of building a business (and a beautiful life that allows you to live in harmony).

Not only do you get access to all of my (Scott’s) programs… you also get access to over 100 hours of training from those I’ve mentored personally.

If you’ve been looking for a one-stop resource for everything you need to scale a thriving and aligned business…
You’re exactly the person I designed MBA for.

Here’s just a few of the programs you get INSTANT ACCESS to when you enroll in MBA…

Included Inside MBA
The High Ticket Launchpad
Last sold for $2,000

My exclusive program for How to Create, Validate, Market, and Sell A Premium Product or Services that previously sold for $2,000.

Included Inside MBA
The Relevancy Engine
Last sold for $10K

My mentorship program for high-impact 6-figure entrepreneurs who want to scale their business past $20K/month.

Included Inside MBA
The ROI Method Course
Valued at $997

My intensive marketing and sale program with over 40 hours of training specifically for those looking to scale using my method on marketing and sales.

Included Inside MBA
Skip The Pitch Workshop
Valued $197

This course helps you to learn how to completely Skip the Pitch and never have to “sell” again. This 5-Day Workshop will help you transform the selling inside of your business

Included Inside MBA
My 5-Day Marketing Workshop
Valued $197

Includes everything I’ve discovered from scaling countless businesses so you know what works, what doesn’t, and how to build a strategy that feels aligned for your business.

Included Inside MBA
The Nuclear Effect Live Recordings
Valued at $95

Over 10 hours of live content) from my Live Event at my Home in Venice Beach in 2019 to help you understand my book The Nuclear Effect in even greater detail

Included Inside MBA
How I Built A $10 Million Business
Valued $147

An exclusive session on how I scaled my business to 8 figures while working 12-hour weeks and taking 3 months of vacation a year.

Included Inside MBA
$50 Million In High-Ticket Sales
Valued $250

How to build, launch, and market high-margin products and services the exact way I’ve implemented in countless businesses I’ve mentored and advised.

Included Inside MBA
Ease Flow Content Strategy
Valued at $250

My simple, scalable method for creating content in less than 6 hours a month without being great on camera or a strong writer.

Included Inside MBA
Stress-Free Launches
Valued $100

How I consistently generate 6+ figure launches with a small team and zero headache for a truly stress-free business model.

Included Inside MBA
What I’ve Discovered From Spending $10 million On Ads
Valued $1000

My most valuable takeaways from spending $50-$100k/month on my mentorship business and managing millions per month in the businesses I advise.

Included Inside MBA
Email Marketing
Valued at $100

I’ve generated millions from tiny sub-1,000 lists and built lists of 1,000,000+; in this session, I reveal how to manage, build, nurture, and profit from email lists of any size.

Included Inside MBA
Low Ticket Mastery
Valued $197

My method for generating 7-figure launches using a simple combination of ads & email to sell <$100, easy-to-build products with huge profit on the back end.

Included Inside MBA
7 Day Cash Campaign
Valued $97

A simple sales funnel you can use when you need a quick cash infusion to fuel the growth of your business (powerful, but use sparingly).

Included Inside MBA
 Omnipresence In 7 Days
Valued at $97

Everything you need to build authority in your industry using simple, repeatable frameworks to connect with your audience at the right moments, every time.

Included Inside MBA
The Harmony Triangle Masterclass
Valued $197

I go deep into how to build a business using The Harmony Triangle. A framework for ensuring that your business doesn’t burn you out and ensuring the business works on paper and for your reality.

Included Inside MBA
The 60-Day Finance Upgrade
Valued $95

My finance course for Online Entrepreneurs because most financial advice & the money mindsets of others aren’t optimized for you. That’s why I created this.

Included Inside MBA
Nuclear Effect Bundle
Valued at $197

The full masterclass and live recording expansion on my book that’s sold 60,000+ copies, revealing how to align the 6 pillars of scale and build a profitable 7-figure business.

All this content WITHOUT the overwhelm…

Short, curated content focused on helping you build the essential skills for an aligned & profitable business.

Included Inside MBA

Relevancy Path

Free Preview

Relevancy is one of the topics that I’ve been talking about for years, because regardless of the size of your business, this concept is critical.


How to build and market to a list of ready-to-buy customers thrilled to work with you, including landing pages, emails, applications, live vs. evergreen, and more.

Included Inside MBA
Included Inside MBA
Included Inside MBA
Included Inside MBA

Turn traffic into leads, leads into prospects, and build trust with your audience by nurturing them through fun and personal emails you love to write.

Included Inside MBA

Be everywhere in your audience’s world without blowing your budget on paid traffic, building familiarity and trust quickly and repeatedly.


Zero in on the exact message and market you serve,  becoming the only viable option for your ideal prospects before you even speak with them.


Paid and organic traffic is great, but one of the single best opportunities to grow and profit is via other Entrepreneurs’ audiences — inside you’ll discover how.

Information alone will only take you so far, of course…
Which is why MBA is also about mentorship.

Everything I’ve learned from helping build hundreds of businesses to 7+ figures and thousands to multi-6 figures…
I want to share with you.

Those transformations have come not just from providing the right information, but from mentorship that’s tailored to the unique needs of each Entrepreneur.

That’s why every single month, you also get access to multiple sessions with me and my team to help you put all of this in context and apply it in your business NOW.

Here are a few of the mentorship sessions you’ll have every single month:

Group Q&A Session → “How great would it be to ask Scott questions and have, in real-time, the ability to get the answers? At least once a month Scott hosts Q&A sessions, allowing you to get answers to all your business growth and scaling questions” 

Weekly Implementation sessions → “Being able to implement is important, that’s why Scott has taken time out of his right-hand man who helps with all the growth for Scott’s companies to help you understand exactly how to implement what Scott teaches”

Access To A Library Of Expert Sessions → Dive into a curated collection of sessions from experts that Scott has mentored himself, to help you in every aspect of business. Each one brings a unique perspective. Giving you a 360-degree view of the online business landscape, from overcoming challenges to leveraging practical solutions” 

Weekly Mindset Sessions → “One of the biggest issues for scaling is having the right mindset. These sessions, led by one of Scott’s mentees are mindset sessions that cut deep into what it means to be an Entrepreneur and are designed to help you move past your mental blocks

W: Scott Behind the Scenes → “Want a look at Scott’s businesses and how he is scaling and growing 100’s businesses through those that he mentors? This is truly the “best of” and is worth the investment alone, Scott gives insights shared nowhere else, allowing you to see all the latest of what’s working, along with the strategies and frameworks he’s using to build success

An Exclusive Invite To Thriving Community → “As a part of the Modern Business Academy, you gain access to our vibrant Facebook community, a hub where growth-minded entrepreneurs converge. Real-time Interaction, create collaborations, and expand your network. Our members have gotten ROI by utilizing this group alone” 

I’ll even take you along for the ride
as I grow MY businesses.

When you join MBA, you also get access to W:Scott Oldford, the Telegram channel I created to bring you
behind the scenes of running and managing my multiple 7+ figure businesses.

For everything that’s too granular or bite-sized to make into a course or program… but is still incredibly valuable to Entrepreneurs…

This is where I’ll be sharing it with you in real time, so you can stay up to date on my best strategies for scaling now.

W:Scott allows you to get notified whenever I add an update (which is often) so you can pop in, listen and implement immediately.

I’m not one to focus on tactics… I think they’re overrated…

But this is hands-down one of the most tactical resources you can use to grow your business.

Ready to bring your business

to the next level?

Join today and let’s get started building, growing and scaling your business,
ensuring you have everything you need for the next level.

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14 days trial for $14

If you are impressed with what you see in your trial, you can maintain access to MBA at the level of commitment that works best for you between $97 per month, $1,000 per year, for $2,000 (one time) for lifetime access.

Not sure if this is the right fit for you? We totally get it.

Fill in a few pieces of information and we’ll text you to ensure this is the right fit and if it’s not, we’ll tell you what makes the most sense for you and your business 

See What Entrepreneurs Just Like You Are Saying About Modern Business Academy

“MBA saves year and years of trial and error and problems.”

Scott is an amazing, talented human being! Scott is both spiritual and an extremely experienced high-level entrepreneur

-Emma Goldie

“Scott is a wealth of knowledge.

Scott is unique in the way he combines the high level strategy with the nitty gritty details. Scott helps you build a business that is aligned with your personality that allows you to scale without burning out.


“I love being apart of this community!”

You get so much content for the price. I’ve learned how to get results without just hustling all the time. He has given us so much hands on information and tactics.

-Marta Anna

“We are hitting revenue targets that I never thought we would! “

MBA has been hugely impactful. We are hitting revenue targets that I never thought we would! If you are on the fence… Just do it!


“The ongoing support and accountability keep me moving forward!”

Unlike other courses, in the MBA I didn’t have to figure out everything myself once I got the course. At my own pace, I can learn and implement Scott’s frameworks.


“Scott is a master of strategy!”

I am super grateful for MBA.  MBA feels like home! Whenever you need something they are there for you. The whole MBA team is there for you.

-MBA Member 

“MBA has been a complete game-changer!

I am proud to call Scott a mentor and friend. I can’t say where I would be without MBA. Getting direct insight and getting feedback on an ongoing basis with the calls was a complete game-changer.


“Its not just courses. Scott has fostered a powerful community!

Scott has given me insights that I couldn’t get from anywhere else. Scott is helping me operate out of abundance and intuition.

-Kenny Hoang

“The amount of content for the price is insane

Its incredible value and gave me a clear path to getting my first client! If you are on the fence I’d say go for it! It has been one of the best investments I have ever made.


“I feel like I have the support I need to continue to have success.”

Scott presents information in a way that is so clear. Whenever I have a question inside of my business I feel that I know exactly where to go whether it is a live call or recorded content.


“I have been given a clear path… It is absolutely incredible!

It has been like nothing I could have imagined! Im just starting out and the support and direction I have been given has really helped me to understand my relevancy and positioning and where to put my effort. The calls have all been absolutely amazing!

-MBA Member 

The experts that he has brought in has made a big difference for me.”

What I love about MBA is that the content and strategy has been so helpful for me. The results have started to come in!

-MBA Member

“Its almost unbelievable what you are getting…”

The thing I love about MBA is that you get live interactive experience with coaches from various different fields from ads to mindset. The way it is structured is so good!

-Zac Henson

“This has been one of the best investments I have made in myself in a long time.”

I have felt stuck and needed a kick to help me get through things. Scott has helped me build a business around my core beliefs and values and build a business in a way that feels natural and organic.


There is so much value packed inside of MBA…
Here’s a sneak peek inside:

Everything You Get Inside of the
Modern Business Academy

All of Scott’s programs, courses, workshops and content (past, present and future)

Monthly mentorship to help you implement and stay on track, no matter what challenges come up in your business

W:Scott Telegram chat featuring behind-the-scenes insights from running a 7-figure business

Modern Business Academy Facebook community

All of Scott’s new content in the form of trainings, behind the scenes sessions and workshops… This pays for the entire membership in just a few months alone!

“What if I Don’t Love It, Scott…?”

When you join MBA, you have 14 days risk-free to dive into the content and ensure it’s everything you’re hoping for.

You’ll have unrestricted access to all the content inside, plus any mentorship calls that occur within that time frame.

If after you’ve explored everything

If it’s not, no hard feelings — just email me asking for a refund for any reason and I’ll honor it, no questions asked.

(Note: If you refund the program, you
will not be able to join MBA in the future.)


I’m the founder of Modern Business Academy and I’m so excited at the opportunity to help you build your business.

I’ve been an Entrepreneur for over 20 years, starting my first successful business at age 7 and hitting my first million dollars at age 16. I’ve built countless 7/7+ figure businesses of my own and have helped 100’s scale past 7 (many multiple 7) businesses.

After the success I’ve achieved (so far), while having a life of balance, harmony, and abundance, I’m excited to bring together all the things I believe Entrepreneurs need for massive evolution and growth in both their business & life.

Scale With Clarity, Focus, and Support.

We’ve built Modern Business Academy (MBA) to combine everything you need to scale your coaching, consulting, mentorship, education, courses & transformation based business to the next level and provide clarity, focus and support to scale a business that is in alignment to your true self without feeling overwhelmed..

Even More Praise For Modern Business Academy
From Entrepreneurs Just Like You…

Let’s Get Started!

We’ve built Modern Business Academy (MBA) to combine everything you need to scale your coaching, consulting, mentorship, education, courses & transformation based business to the next level and provide clarity, focus and support to scale a business that is in alignment to your true self without feeling overwhelmed.